Haptic Laparoscopic Surgical Simulator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [what is HaptiLap]
A: Is a very low cost (but very realistic) tool for training surgeons in some of the fundamental procedures and techniques of laparoscopy. It can simulate almost any procedure (including suturing) and comes with models for three procedures.

Q: [What can it do..]
A: It can simulate three procedures of variable complexity:

Additional procedure can be simulated without changing the program code

For additional information consult the user's manual...

Q: [Can I set up my own training scenarios (use my own structures)..]
A: Yes, the scenarios, steps and models are specified in a simple configuration file. You can use any of the built in organ/structure models straight away. You can also build polygonal models of organs in the 3D Animation and modelling software OpenFX (which is free.) Using OpenFX you can enhance and customise for HaptiLap models that have been imported from commercial models in 3D Studio or STL format, or from models you have built in 3D Studio or converted to 3DS format.